Ayrshire composer and Tryst favourite Michael Murray has US premiere of two guitar works

Tomorrow sees the US premiere of 2 guitar pieces from Ayrshire-local and Tryst favourite, Michael Murray! The talented composer from Auchinleck was commissioned by the Cumnock Tryst a few of years back, and his piece pricked the ears of a visitor from the US called Stephen Ferguson. Stephen was so taken by Michael’s talent that he commissioned two new works for guitar – ‘Pilgrims’ and ‘St David’s Dance’ which were premiered at the Tryst 2017.

During a rehearsal with a string ensemble from the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, the musicians cheered when asked to rehearse the encore for ‘St David’s Dance’, a good sign indeed, and a reaction that Stephen has said he has never seen in all his years as a violinist performing in orchestras.

Members of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra and the wonderful Scottish guitarist (and former Tryst star) Sean Shibe will perform both pieces tomorrow at the Ahmanson Gallery in Irvine, California. It’s so fantastic to see Michael’s musical career doing so well, and we’re so pleased to have been a part of his story so far. Best of luck to all and wish we could be there!

Here’s a photo of Sean, Michael and James at the Tryst premiere in 2017.

(Photo thanks to Robin Mitchell)